By living our Authentic selves, we can enjoy the Abundance that is ready for us, Love higher and find find personal Freedom!

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Meet Talia

Mindset Expert and Transformational Trainer & Coach

My mission is to inspire and empower individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis to overcome their illness and be in charge of creating a healthy future full of joy, freedom and independence, and fall in love with themselves and their every-day life. 

I’m committed to be a no bullshit stand for

you, so that you will have what you want!

It’s time for you to FREE YOURSELF FROM MS.

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Why Freedom?

Multiple Sclerosis can make you feel like it has taken your freedom on so many different levels.

I focus on giving my clients everything they need so not only they have the opportunity to overcome the illness, but also to create a happier, more fulfilled life for them

and their families. 

By learning how to be in charge of your future, your health, your mind and body, you will experience FREEDOM on a whole new level.  

"Talia pushed me to choose me and what serves and supports me and my life, she shown me that I'm worthy of more than I've given myself.

She is passionate about what she does, she has compassion for people where she sees the very best in them and she gives her all to have them seeing it themselves.

She is stern yet loving, a no shit stand and she really cares about people.

I am extremely grateful to have this empowering and unapologetically authentic and genuine force in my life."

- Melissa M.

"Talia is maintaining a fine balance between loving encouragement and tough talk, Talia managed to bring out the best in me by pulling and pushing my limits.  I wanted to shine and perform, not only for myself, but to show Talia that her great interest and effort was worth it ! Talia is a powerful, eloquent, caring leader! I respected her from the moment I witnessed her confident physical presence and cheerful spirit, to listening to her speak with great ease, sense, and passion.  As a female, I see great strength in Talia, balanced with tremendous love and warmth. I am proud to now call Talia my friend, and a mentor."

- Zelda Z.

“Talia has had a lifetime of experiences and excellent training that sets her up to be an

outstanding coach. She is powerful, insightful, funny, kind, and graceful.

I highly recommend her”

- Dr. Myles K.


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