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By living our Authentic selves, we can enjoy the Abundance that is ready for us, Love higher and find find personal Freedom!

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Meet Talia

Mindset Expert and Transformational Trainer & Coach

My mission is to inspire and empower individuals living with autoimmune diseases to overcome their illness and be in charge of creating a healthy future full of joy, freedom
and independence.

I’m committed to be a no bullshit stand for

you, so that you will free your body and
live the life you want!

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Why Freedom?

An autoimmune disease can make you feel like it has taken your freedom on so many different levels.

I focus on giving my clients everything they need so not only they have the opportunity to overcome the illness, but also to create a happier, more fulfilled life for them

and their families. 

By learning how to be in charge of your future, your health, your mind and body, you will experience FREEDOM on a whole new level.  

You are the author and creator of your reality, and the next chapter depends on you, yes - your health too.  

Unique discoveries from quantum physics and epigenetics shine a light on the connection between the mind and the body.

From this new science, we learn that the mind is in charge of everything that shows up in our lives- from our emotions and experiences to the function of the genes in our body. 

Your mind is the part that is in charge of creating the connection and flow between the outside world and your inner world. It is in charge of the way you perceive and interpret your experiences and is what gives it all “meaning.”

The “meaning” that is given by your subconscious mind determines the chemicals that are released in your body and ultimately affects your biology.


Your mind has the power to allow your body to focus on growth and repair. 


Your mind has the power to both activate and deactivate your immune system and the genes responsible for disease in your body. 


Most human beings spend their lives unconscious.

You were blessed by getting a ‘wake up call’- are you going to answer it?

Talia gets to the root of disease by looking at my beliefs. It’s so freeing to find my essential self! She has taught me tools to switch my thoughts and allow for possibilities. A game changer!
I used to struggle with catastrophizing and people pleasing and it had shown in my body through MS symptoms and constipation I suffered with for years. Thanks to Talia I now live in the moment, value myself, live with joy and hope, feel healthier, my body got stronger and I no longer keep inside my emotions nor the food I eat and I have regular bowl movement that allows my body to keep healing.

- Ann 

 I have found the last few months spent with Talia to be enlightening

 and valuable. I  was able to improve many symptoms of MS - constipation improved, bladder capacity Improved, right leg twitching stopped and I have much less body aches and pains.

It also helped me to adjust my eating habits and also recognize what was behind my eating habits.

Although uncomfortable at times looking at past traumas, Talia

 was a great support and compassionate helping to reframe and understand the programming that stems from it.

- Claire

Until working with Talia I suffered from lack of balance, weakness of my limbs, tingling and numbness
of my feet, legs, face and arms and pain that limited my ability to walk freely. I suffered with fatigue and I was getting dizzy often. 

It only took 6 weeks of working
with Talia for me to to start healing.
Many of my symptoms went away
or were reduced to a level I that
did no longer limit me in my life. 

Don't put your health on hold, and don't believe those who say you can't heal. 

I am a living proof. 

- Steve

Talia has introduced me to concepts that are so profound, yet at the same time so simple to understand, and therefore also possible to integrate into my daily life.   She has helped me transform my life in a relatively short amount of time, by focusing on the power of mindset and thoughts to achieve incredible outcomes.  I suspect it could take the most skilled therapists decades to impart the type of wisdom and knowledge that Talia can in just a few sessions... Working with her has the power to drive tangible results in one's life.  I am grateful to have found her and have benefited greatly from her teachings.

- Sharon

Working with Talia has been the best gift I could give myself.

Before working with her I had many physical limitations in my body due to living with MS and in 3 months of working together so much has changed. I couldn’t do anything with my left hand and now i use it regularly. The numbness in my hands and left foot went away, my legs move better and I can walk faster (I started walking without a walker after years of not being able to!). My body is stronger, which improves my overall functions on a daily basis. My fatigue is gone! I used to need naps on a daily basis, and now I no longer nap. I have so much energy! A Long time ago I lost my balance and used to fall frequently, now my balance is back which improves everything that I am doing. It gives me more confidence to do what I want and confidence in my body.
Talia can show you the way to heal and overcome your illness. I didn’t believe before healing was possible but now I know it is.

- Mae

Thanks to Talia I learned how to connect with my body, and understand what my body wants and asks for, so that I started giving it what it needed and very fast started feeling better and better. She is very passionate about what she does, and she will inspire you to heal.

- Noralyn


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